Que Saudade

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Here we are, February 2015 and as my neighbour Lauriane has kindly reminded me: “Mets ton blog à jour, c*nnasse !” In other words: it’s been a while.

So join me as I reminisce over the months of December and January:

➸ Goodbye 2014
➸ Goodbye to half of my time in France
➸ Goodbye friends – who knows when I’ll see you again!

If I were Portuguese I would say “que saudade!” but I’m not, so I’ll stop trying to be a linguistic show-off and tell you what it means:


“A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.”

It’s that strange feeling when you’re missing something or someone so much that it brings you both happiness (from the memory) and heartache (from the loss)*. In fact, it’s so strange, even the Portuguese aren’t too sure how to…

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